White paper

VINTAGECOIN is a cryptocurrency analysis and trading ecosystem. It consists of three parts: the token, a “cloud defi storage wallet” and a processing software.

The token: VINTAGECOIN (VTGC) is both the governance and utility token used to exchange low-cap tokens with a tradeable token. Scheduled to be released on the market as indicated in the tokenomics, it will raise its value by the staking, by the limited amount released and of course by negotiating devalued tokens. Contract address is on the BEP20 : 0x452D1461616D312f1360A0aFdfd3d87b1ec92aCF

The cloud defi storage wallet is a storage system on various wallets, where all the coins from all networks are collected. These coins are moved between various wallets in order to optimize the possibility of trading based also on the response time of both the blockchain and the software that manages the wallet.

The software: the other component is the software in development and learning, installed in the cloud, which verifies the availability of a price for the coins in the warehouses; through an analysis of flows rather than single prices it indicates time frames within which the swap of coins can be created, which exchange offers better conditions and when it is advantageous to carry out the exchange, be it partial or total as regards the token under analysis.

Why the cloud: Due to peaks in the demand for computing power, the software has been installed in the cloud because a system of dedicated computers would have required a high initial investment without guarantee of reaching the required power in the medium and even in the short term.

The liquidity of VINTAGECOIN fuels software development while the margin on warehouse operations covers the costs of maintaining the online software and the cost of cloud computing, which increases with the more coins under management.

The ultimate goal is to make the VINTAGECOIN software accessible to everyone so that anyone can access the site, connect his defi wallet, let it be analyzed and receive an offer for the coins found there.

Time frame: to allow the use of the software to thousands of wallets at the same time, analyze hundreds of blockchains on which thousands of different coins reside, to trade them on hundreds of decentralised exchanges, the development requires an estimated period between 24 and 48 months, due to both software’s continuous adaptive learning and its development to optimize its speed as the number of calculations increases.

To grant the personal use of the VINTAGECOIN software and incur costs currently not foreseeable, if the conditions are met, after the presale a staking campaign will be launched on the site, the apy of which will be determined by the need for liquidity that will require the development process.