I don’t have a metamask wallet:

If you don’t have a metamask wallet, you can complete your order following these steps:

  • Open your DEX or CEX wallet. You can use any wallet that is connected to the BEP20 Network.
  • Send the minimum of 30 BUSD or 30 USDT or equivalent in BNB to the wallet: 0x963d7dB12155435D80336E80984ECDBc588d0dB7 , it accepts more than 30 of the most common blockchains
  • After this first subscription, you are entitled to send to the same wallet your useless coins to receive the incremental 10% bonus for every different token.

The VINTAGECOINs for the amount you paid in BUSD/BNB/USDT, plus the bonus VINTAGECOINs will be airdropped to your wallet at the end of presale period.

Better write again that VINTAGECOIN is set on BEP20 Network, be sure your wallet can receive tokens on BEP20 ! We can airdrop only on that network!