VINTAGECOIN is the only cryptocurrency that allows you to exchange those corpse, zombie, rusty tokens that are no longer possible or convenient to swap on exchanges.

If you have made it this far, your wallet probably contains many coins whose value has decreased over time, or you have tokens that are difficult to exchange or in other cases it is just impossible to swap them.

Finally there is a way to get rid of these coins and make a profit!

The pre-sale of VINTAGECOIN has started!


At the end of the presale, the number of VINTAGECOINs you was entitled to, for sending BNB or BUSD, plus each token you have sent, you received an incremental 10% bonus up to the maximum of 100000VTGC that you received for each single sending wallet.

Once the calculation of all the payments made by each wallet were completed, all the entitled wallets received their own VINTAGECOINS in airdrop up to a maximum of 100000VTGC which is the hard cap per user in pre-sale, so if for example you bought 50,000 VTGC by BNB or BUSD, the maximum of the total bonus that you reached by sending other cryptos was the 100%.


You can find it listed and tradable on the main DEX exchange sites and then on CEX that are enabled to trade on the BEP20 blockchain, in fact it is not provided (and for what it will have to do in its life it is not even necessary) that VINTAGECOIN is also placed on other blockchains.

When VINTAGECOIN is available on exchanges, you will immediately appreciate the value of what we are developing: we have blocked the slippage at 0.1%, FOREVER, because we must be the first to give a signal that a coin must be fairy traded and that bad experiences you’ve had with memes or dead projects from now on have their payback.

Why does VINTAGECOIN collected these coins?

Inside the VINTAGECOIN system there is an experimental software that extracts the smart contract encodings of very low or even zero capitalization tokens. We cannot say the complete recipe but imagine that the software constantly tries to “squeeze” the coins available in its warehouse, along with those of hundreds or thousands of other wallets and then to move the price to capitalize on a small profit. This small gain on hundreds or thousands of different tokens pays for the cloud computing needed to calculate upcoming transactions. Thus the capitalization of VINTAGECOIN does not decrease, therefore the value of your investment increases.

It all stems from a problem that everyone has faced for example when you bought tokens then abandoned by their creator, or which had no luck and you find them in your wallet without reason to keep them and without a way to sell and earn something. And how many memes had only one day of fame but you bought it too late … By putting together the “zombie” coins of hundreds, thousands or even millions of users we can limit the loss and exchanging all these “corpses” in VINTAGECOIN increases your chances of treat that old buy as a profitable position.


You write the future of VINTAGECOIN.

As soon as the VINTAGECOIN software will be able to communicate directly with each individual wallet, the VINTAGECOIN site will behave exactly like a dex, but will be highly specialized in trading coins that otherwise you can no longer exchange. The greater the number of transactions, the higher the price of VINTAGECOIN. However, the launch of the dex will not take place before the end of 2023: all the algorithms on all the blockchains will be tested with the various coins collected during the pre-sale and only when all systems are GO the dex will be launched. If you have unusable tokens, this is the time to send them to VINTAGECOIN!

Open your defi wallet and check how many coins are there just to take up space, you don’t know what to do with them anymore and you don’t have time to find a dex that accepts them, if it still exists … and you can no longer focus your attention on the important ones. Say goodbye to the zombies! Send them all to the VINTAGECOIN warehouse and receive your VINTAGECOINs. The value of your VINTAGECOIN grows with the expansion of the service and the number of coins that it holds and that it manages to negotiate positively.
Maybe one day you will be in the LAMBO club because of the value your VINTAGECOINs have achieved!